Stage 4 Melbourne CBD on Monday 31/08

Stage 4 Day. It’s a sunny Monday. Hallelujah. I’m loving the sun, the sight of Melbourne on a warm day. I live in the Melbourne CBD so I take these photos during walks within a 5 km radius of my apartment. Spencer Street. It’s a day off work today so I’m out doing essential things and managing to do a walk with it.

These snapshots are taken in a moment while walking. They’re not perfect photos but they capture the day, and as I mentioned. Stage 4 Melbourne CBD on Monday 31/08

Mask wearing outside of home is mandatory in Victoria. I always wear a mask outside of my apartment, including when I am in the foyer of my apartment building. Melburnians are permitted out for up to an hour to exercise or walk. I’m used to it now that I don’t think about it because it’s just the way it is. I’m fine with it.

This lockdown, this pandemic, is a great lesson in learning to accept things that we can’t change, and being at peace with it, and discovering how much time you can devote to improving or learning new skills. So I’m counting my blessings in lockdown. There are people in situations far worse than anything I might be going through in Melbourne, in or out of lockdown.

““We learn more in crisis than in comfort.”

Abhijit Naskar

The Fogging Test

One of the things I tested today on my essential time out of my apartment was the foggy glasses test. I read somewhere on the Internet and on social media that you could remove fogging from your glasses when wearing a mask. The idea, which had at least a few people on social media adamant it worked, was to wash your glasses in soap. Yes, soap, I kid you not – and once you do that, your glasses will not fog, apparently.

I normally don’t wear glasses when wearing a face mask because of the fogging. But I gave the soap idea a go especially because some stranger on social media was adamant it worked. I questioned that and so I thought I need to test it for myself. Testing was conducted in real time. And I’m very sorry to report that, whilst there was a reduced level of fogging for a few seconds, I did not get the results I hoped for. This is not a cure for foggy glasses when wearing face masks.

It just goes to show that you can’t really assume anything you read on social media is reliable or accurate. Would love to hear any fogging glass solutions that worked for you.

On Sunday we’ll find out what the next stage of restrictions will look like for Melbourne and the rest of Victoria.
As at today, the COVID-19 death toll in Melbourne is 565 lives lost.

Stage 4 Melbourne CBD on Monday 31/08.

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