Melbourne CBD’s Oldest Home, 330 King St

It’s overshadowed by Melbourne’s modern day buildings. Still, this historic house stands silently on the corner of Melbourne’s La Trobe and King Street doing its best to stay. It’s almost 200 years old. Propped up by scaffolding on one side, it is scarred by graffiti tags on the wall facing La Trobe Street. I took the photos during the permitted walks outside of the home in August during Melbourne’s Stage 4 Lockdown. Despite its neglected state, this tiny building is one of the remaining glimpses into Melbourne’s frontier beginnings. When it was built around 1850/1851, it must have been quite the house. Some interesting things in Melbourne’s archives. 1800s Map of West Melbourne showing Spencer, La Trobe, King Sreets and Flagstaff Gardens. The green mark … Continue ReadingMelbourne CBD’s Oldest Home, 330 King St

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With the election campaign underway, can the law protect voters from fake news and conspiracy theories?

It’s not a new problem. As far back as 1688, the English Privy Council issued a proclamation prohibiting the spread of false information. The difference in the 21st century, of course, is the reach and speed of fake news and disinformation. … Continue Reading >With the election campaign underway, can the law protect voters from fake news and conspiracy theories?

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“Always Goodnight” by Scott Alan, Sung by Cynthia Erivo

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” Aldous Huxley Today is 11 September in Australia and New Zealand. Tomorrow it will be the 11th September in New York City. That’s the day many of us will never forget. On that morning in 2001, New York Time, I was working as a foreign news TV producer at TVNZ’s Auckland bureau. It was the most emotional and heart-shattering day I’ve ever had as a journalist in a newsroom. That morning, actually it was long day and night, on shift. I still remember it and think about it every anniversary. I felt differently about journalism after that day. The world and the skyline suddenly felt dangerous in a way that I’d never considered … Continue Reading“Always Goodnight” by Scott Alan, Sung by Cynthia Erivo

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Australia’s “One to Wait” by Bobby Alu

Discovering Bobby Alu’s music during Melbourne’s first COVID-19 wave has been the best experience during lockdown. It’s soulful. Playing this in the background at home could find you dancing around the room. True story, maybe. “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” Friedrich Nietzsche  181 total views

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This Anti-Fog Face Mask Idea Works

This works. Not Mona Lisa’s mask. But the idea in this tik tok video works. I’ve tried it and now use this when walking outside during the permitted time we’re allowed out during Melbourne’s Stage 4 restrictions. During the first half of Melbourne’s second wave of COVID-19, I walked without my glasses until I found this. For one, I can see clearly, no fog, no ascending cloud formations appearing on my glasses. The first time I tried this, it felt like an earth shattering revelation. So if you’re loving your walks during the permitted time we’re allowed outside the home during Melbourne’s Stage 4 Restrictions, and you need your glasses to see, give this a go. You can’t leave home without wearing your face mask … Continue ReadingThis Anti-Fog Face Mask Idea Works

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