This Anti-Fog Face Mask Idea Works

This works. Not Mona Lisa’s mask. But the idea in this tik tok video works. I’ve tried it and now use this when walking outside during the permitted time we’re allowed out during Melbourne’s Stage 4 restrictions. During the first half of Melbourne’s second wave of COVID-19, I walked without my glasses until I found this. For one, I can see clearly, no fog, no ascending cloud formations appearing on my glasses. The first time I tried this, it felt like an earth shattering revelation.

So if you’re loving your walks during the permitted time we’re allowed outside the home during Melbourne’s Stage 4 Restrictions, and you need your glasses to see, give this a go. You can’t leave home without wearing your face mask out in public. And this method means you don’t have to lose your sight when you’re walking outside with your mask on. So simple too.

Other options? A face mask that ties at the back, rather than the sides.

A friend in Ireland uses face masks (non-medical grade ones) that tie at the back of the head, rather than ear loops, like this one. Three layered, it seems to prevents glasses from turning into cloud storms. This is a link my friend shared if you’re interested. Photo below.

What doesn’t work: the wash-your-glasses-with-soap idea floating around social media. Did consumer testing, of course.

A word of caution
This is not medical advice. This is just what worked for me in the search for anti-fogging artillery. So that I could wear my glasses and wear my face mask and not experience glass fogging, when outside walking. I expect readers to test and verify this information for yourself. And do the right thing and wear a mask. That’s all I wanted to say, folks. Take care.

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