Farewell to a Fine Human Being: Captain Sir Tom Moore

Born in 1920 in Yorkshire, Captain Sir Tom Moore is the wonderful British grandfather who, last year, won the world’s affections after raising more than $40 million for Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) by walking 100 laps in his garden. Sadly, he has died of COVID-19.

Imagine the sorrow and pride England must feel all in one for this great man. Captain Tom was knighted in July last year. His story has been absolute light during the COVID-19 nightmare of the last year.

When the NHS was under pressure during the first lockdown – he didn’t just sit at home, he asked the question ‘what can I do to help?’.

Britain’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock, Wed 3 Feb, 2021.

His autobiography, Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day, is dedicated “to all those who serve on the frontline of any battle-be it military, psychological or medical”. Captain Tom writes that before the walk, he was a quiet little soul living out his days peacefully and reflecting on his life with a long and happy marriage, two lovely daughters and four terrific grandchildren. His exact words.

Of his achievement during the first COVID-19 lockdown in England, he wrote:

“Everyone keeps saying that what I did was remarkable, when it was actually what everyone did for me and for the whole country that was remarkable. It has certainly filled me with a renewed sense of purpose.

Captain Sir Tom Moore, Tomorrow Will Be a Good Day.

God bless this sweet man. He is not only a national inspiration for Britain. He is a global inspiration. If he could do what he did at 100 years old walking 100 laps around his garden to help his country’s health service, imagine what untapped potential lies within each of us.

Check out this delightful video of Captain Tom. England’s NHS Voices of Care Choir, Michael Ball, Captain. You hear his kind 100-year-old voice. He’s inspiring to say the least. Wikipedia: the recording topped the United Kingdom’s “The Official Big Top 40” chart. It sold almost 36,000 copies in its first 48 hours, and was the “biggest trending song” as measured by the Official Charts Company.On 24 April, it went straight to number 1 in the weekly “Official” UK Singles Chart, making Moore the oldest person to achieve that position and meaning that he was at number 1 on his 100th birthday, and became a one-hit wonder.

Final words from Captain Sir Tom Moore

Astonishingly at my age, with the offer to write this memoir I have been given the chance to raise even more money for the charitable foundation now established in my name. Its goals are those closest to my heart, with a mission to combat loneliness, support hospices and help those facing bereavement – all in the wake of the unprecedented crisis we found ourselves in. I am so deeply honoured to be given yet another opportunity to serve the country of which I am so very proud. This, then, is my story.

Captain Sir Tom Moore, Tomorrow Will Be a Good Day.

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