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Category: Family | Life

Families are the basic unit of society. It’s the first institution every person experiences in some way, shape or form, for good or for ill. Life is the other reality we all live with. How can we help each other on our journey through life? What can we learn about how families and children thrive? How easily do we love one another?

In memory of Poland’s sorrow, April 2010

At first, I struggled with how I would share his life in this writing. Plus, I thought, what did it really have to do with what happened at Katyn in 1939 and 1940? Let alone last week’s tragedy.And then, unexpectedly, the information came. I uncovered details and connections of those who died, among them soldiers,whom my friend would have felt a very unique sense of gratitude for. Because among Poland’s dead last week are those who guarded and supported the sacred and tragic memories that people like my Polish friend, and his family went through, during World War II.