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Published April 7, 2019

Vienna Richards

In my mind, Dick Hoyt, a military man, is father of the century. I first saw this amazing father and son story on Youtube years ago. Pure love. Incredibly selfless. It is a story that started in 1962 when his son Rick was born.

“Our message is yes, you can do anything you want to do as long as you make up your mind you can do it,” said Mr Hoyt.

I was inspired by this father’s selfless love for his disabled son. The kind that homes and family life and life thrive on. He was inspired by his son to take part in their first running event to support a veteran. When he did his first event, he was months out from having had a heart attack. No kidding.

Their story fueled my own walking dreams at the time when I decided to train for walking events around the country. If he and his son could do it, then so could I. And I did – a half marathon, 16km, 10km and 5 km events later.

A lesson he teaches by example is that pure love makes the impossible possible. Their video has been viewed more than three million times and featured in news stories around the world over the years.

To learn more about Dick and Rick Hoyt

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